Unravel Nut- Jude Okoye shares Singer’s Contract Details


Fans all over the globe criticize Morgan for making a false assertion. Morgan center all blame on industry. The doorstep of Northside Records, alleging that the music label denied her access to the Cynthia Morgan brand.

On a Instagram live chat “Upfront With Sandra’ last Sunday, her physical outlook seem unhappy and stated she’s unhappy and coping with the adventure of life due to her music misfortune.

On her interview with Channel Television where she issue how she met Jude Okoye, the letter and the criticisms about the contract.

“As an entertainer, sometimes you need time for yourself to restructure, rebrand, restrategise whatever you are doing,” she said at the time.
When she was asked about her deal and relationship with the brand, she explained, “My contract actually expired last year (2017) in like August, legally, because I signed for four years.

“Even before then, we were obviously already apart because a lot of things went wrong with the deal”.

In order to justify the lie s,
— 042’s Next Governor (@OfficialCCE19) May 26, 2020

So Cynthia Morgan lied and Peter rode on this lie to vilify his own brother?? @PeterPsquare this is really a bad one for you.Your bro was so pained he had to address this publicly. What you are doing is wrong

This social media sha, people will hear one side of a story and they will already start crucifying and judging and do name callings.
See what ‘no chills over matter’ is causing!!!

— Konami (@eyanfirstbank

The contract in case 4-year lifespan with an option for a 2-year renewal, showed that Morgan and Northside Music would split any income generated 50/50.

Earlier on, during his Instagram Live chat with Ednut, Jude Okoye denied preventing Morgan from the continued usage of her stage name.
“I never took that name from her. I don’t have that power.”

…Morgan raised an accusation on Okoye clamming he failed to promote her work…..

“Why are people not asking questions- how come this girl has been down this so long and not even one colleague came up to her rescue?” Okoye asked Ednut.

“Not rescue as in giving her money or sponsoring her. Rescue, as in, identifying with her.”

Morgan accused The Northside Records boss that he never build or create any relationship in line to move her career .
The Northside Record boss stated

“Cynthia Morgan looked me in the eye and asked me ‘what the f**k have you done for me?,” he said.


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