We Seized N16bn Cash, 13 Luxury Cars, 47 Smart Phones From Hushpuppi And Gangs- Dubai Police


The Nigerian Instagram celebrity, who was arrested on multiple fraud charges for crimes committed in different parts of the world, boasted about his wealth and expensive possession on social media, claiming he is a successful businessman.

Little did Abass ( Huspuppi) know that Dubai E – police were tracking his every move and taking note of all his social media activities.”

On how the suspects operated, the police said Hushpuppi and his team usually created fake pages for existing websites and redirected victims ’ payments to their own accounts.

The Dubai Police Force, United Arab Emirates, has revealed how it arrested Nigerian Instagram celebrity, Ramon Abass, aka Hushpuppi.

In a video released on its official Twitter handle on Thursday, the Middle – East police said a special team had been tracking the suspect and his gang’s activities on social media for about four months.

The Dubai police also said it discovered that the gang specialised in hacking corporate emails and sending fake messages to clients in order to redirect financial transfers and bank details to their own accounts.

Before their arrest, Abass ( Hushpuppi ) and his crew members were responsible for scams amounting to 1. 6 billion Dirham.

The police officers were also able to seize items worth 150 million Dirham after they claimed 21 laptops, 47 smartphones, 15 storage devices, and five hard disk containing data.

“Additional 13 luxury cars worth 35m Dirham were bought by Hushpuppi and his gang using the money they stole from their victims, ” the police said.

The police revealed that upon the arrest of Hushpuppi and 12 other members of his crew, it discovered that fraud amounting to 1. 6 billion Dirham ( N 168 billion ) had been committed by the gang.

No fewer than 1,926, 400 people from different parts of the world were also said to have fallen victims to the suspects.

According to the police, 13 luxury cars, estimated at 35 million Dirham ( N 3. 7 billion ) were recovered from the house where they were arrested.

PUNCH confirmed to CMM, the Dubai police said the operation leading to the arrests was dubbed “ Fox Hunt 2” .

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