Why I Don’t Have A Girlfriend-Anthony Joshua

World famous wrestler Anthony Joshua has revealed the reason why he is yet to get married or have a girlfriend as he is yet to find true love.

Speaking with THE SUN UK,he also Opened up about the struggles he had been facing while trying to align his career with his personal life.

He said,”I think one can date and still be a successful sportsman but it has been very hard for me to find a balance and I would have to compromise which I have not been able to do”

He also revealed that his dad never gave him advice much but in terms of relationship what he has learned and what he will always tell his son is it would be nice to find a high school sweetheart and to grow together because as you get older you get set in your ways.

He made it known that he doesn’t have a girlfriend for a while but as he gets older he thinks it would be nice to have someone to grow with as well but honestly he is yet to find anyone.

Furthermore,he said he have been thinking he needs to start going to celebrity parties maybe do something different and he hopes to meet someone who understands fame but then it needs to be someone who is humble,someone who is family oriented and would see his family as her second family.

Joshua said it would be nice to bring someone to his world as he gets older but he is yet to find someone yet.
Speaking on his boxing fight with british rival Tyson Fury he said if he was to fight again this year it would be in November or December.

“Its difficult at the moment knowing how you cover the cost and whether you could charge people in the circumstances for pay per few”, he said

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