Why is Lara Oshiomhole Mute Over Adam Oshimhole Crises?


The word expectation seem failed in the surrounding of The wife of former Governor of Edo state, Former APC National Chairman Lara Oshimhole after her silence and way off from social media and public relations concerning Politics and the Cold war surrounding Oshimhole.

Lara is a well confronting lady with zeal and passion to defend her husband but A check on her social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, show that Iara, who is from Cape Verde, has also given social networks a wide berth. Her Instagram page was last updated in 2017. The World Nigeria Politics now look worried about her next plan of action.

However, far back Iara had described Oshiomhole as a very calm man and loving father to his children, who didn’t take any political fight home.

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