Woman stab Boyfriend

The world continue to face a revolution with various scandal of issue looming out where feeling great a pace for death over sentence. Love in Jain of feeling. African countries also face with this epidemic of murdering over love scandal in attempt of relationship.

The mother of two stabbed his boyfriend because
he texted her ‘happy birthday’ rather than calling her and assumed he was cheating. According to CMM , Kearns had gone to Pearce flat and demanded to know why he had
not called her, she then stabbed him with a six-inch kitchen knife as he was calling the police for help.
At Manchester Crown Court Kearns, admitted to causing grievous bodily harm with intent.
Judge Hilary Manley told Kearns:

“Your relationship with Mr. Pearce was marred by jealousy and you attacked him and tried to take his phone. You took a six-inch knife from the kitchen and struck him with it, causing serious
injury. You intended to cause him serious harm”. In a statement, Pearce told police: ‘When I was lying on the lobby floor losing blood and getting
weaker by the minute, I thought I might die. If it was not for the quick response of police officers and paramedics I would not be here today. I will always be grateful to them.
How could she be so callous just walking past me as I was on the floor bleeding to death? I still don’t have a sense of feeling in my right, index
and middle fingers and part of my thumb.
‘The scars will always be with me mentally and physically but they won’t hold me back.’
Olushola Odeyinde.

A 46-year-old mother of two was sentenced to
six years in jail.

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